Places in Singapore Where You Can Elevate Yourself to Fitness

Author: Chan How 



Training your mobility at slopes and stairs is an effective way of building up your speed and stamina. Not only it improves cardiovascular endurance, it also burns as much as twice the amount of fat within the same amount of time as compared to training on flat ground.


Most important of all, the challenging terrain is readily available for you to use anytime – no special equipment is required.

Bukit Timah nature reserveis one of the slopes that comes to a Singaporean’s mind whenever one talks about it. Of course, other nature reserves such as the MacRitchie Nature Trailcan be good places to climb too.

Slopes can also be found at hilly campuses like NUS and NTU too. After all, they pose a daily challenge for the students over there.

There are also peaceful attractions like Haw Par Villa and Mount Faber for one to take a stroll too, if one doesn’t mind the slopes.

On the other hand, since we are living in a city with buildings and more buildings, stairs are frequently found around us. 

One good thing about stairs is the fact that most of them are unaffected by weather conditions due to them being mostly sheltered. Therefore, there would be one less obstacle in disrupting your healthy routine.

For starters, you can try incorporating stair-climbing into your lifestyle by using the stairs as detours. Every now and then, there are also initiatives that promote stair-climbing, so you can take the change to jump on the bandwagon.

For those who prefers a challenge, you can try sprinting up the stairs, using the burst of energy to help yourself burn down even more calories. You can even outrun the pace of escalators to save some time commuting to your destination, too! This is especially applicable when you see the MRT train lights blinking, signalling that the doors are closing. (Please be careful!)

It is a given that there are many stairs in the buildings of Singapore, but the notable (and probably the longest ones) include Buona Vista (EW21/CC22), Raffles Place (EW14/NS26), Lavender (EW11) and Kent Ridge (CC24) MRT stations.

Of course, the most commonly found flights of stairs are the ones located at your HDB block (assuming you are residing in a HDB flat). The stairs are always available for you – it is only up to you whether you want to try stair-climbing or not. 

Up the Blue Stairs
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