Beyond the IPPT today – To Become Soldier Stronger

Author: Chan How 



Many Singaporean males have gone through NS and developed a soldier’s heart in one way or another – having resilience, maturity, the ability to break limits, and many other good traits. Being out of their comfort zones, they build a demeanour of harshness and toughness, fostering the resolve to protect their family and friends, and to become stronger in one way or another. 

In a way, serving in the military can be a gold mine for long-term goodness. 

For those who still carry a burning flame within them, and want to strive to further their fitness limits, there are many more challenges out there for you to try out. For physical fitness tests, they are not strictly limited to our current IPPT system. 

You can always return to the past and take on the old IPPT testing system – standing broad jump, pull-ups and 4 x 10 metres shuttle run in addition to the 2.4km run.


There will be more parts of your body being tested, which makes the old IPPT testing system being more holistic. 

Much further into the past, when NS was first introduced in Singapore, servicemen had to finish a 4.8km run within 30 minutes and a 9.6km run within 70 minutes while wearing the SBO.


If it’s not hard enough for you, you can always try giving the FBO a try. 

There are also physical proficiency tests of military organisations outside Singapore too.


One of the most well-known military organisations is the Navy SEAL in the United States. Its entry test comprises a 500-yard (457.2 metres) swim within 12 minutes and 30 seconds, a minimum of 50 sit-ups, 50 push-ups and 10 pull-ups. It also contains a timed 1.5 mile (about 2.4km) run within 9-10 minutes (https://www.military.com/military-fitness/navy-special-operations/navy-seal-fitness-test)

However, beneath these tests lie the shag training routines that are much harder and tougher than the tests themselves. It takes so much discipline for one to strictly adhere to these routines. After all, these physical endeavours come with their own set of mental endeavours too, and it takes a strong mind to craft out a strong body

All these trials and tribulations amount to one final test – the ability to protect the people around you. It is up to a Singaporean whether or not to re-invoke their soldier’s heart or not.

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